One Month Later

Been a month (plus 6 days) since my last post. Too many stories to tell, but have no idea how to start OR which one should I write as the first story. Cliche.

Fortunately, a couple days ago, I found something interesting. It’s a lil bit fishy, but it was interesting :p

Check this one out:


How does it feel when your friend send you a message telling that someone is talking bad about you?

At that exact time, I feel sad and really mad. Like “what is wrong with her?” To be honest, the thing that she’s been talking about was nothing important. I don’t event want to write it down here. But to be very honest, a couple days after that, I feel relieved. Like, Thank You God For Letting Me Know!

But you know, some people are like pennies, two faced and worthless. Because this kind of people are a part of life. We can not avoid them. But, we can keep them in separated pocket, and put it away.


Moral of my story : just fear the fake friend who hug you 😉




3 thoughts on “One Month Later

  1. Terlalu ngefans pasti ya 🙂

    imo, mestinya si temen yg nyampein juga ga perlu menyampaikan ‘eh lu diomongin’ ke kamu juga sih, kadang-kadang ada hal yang mesti stop untuk disampein

    • ini laki-laki, loh, Feb. Yang tulen laki-laki dan biasanya mereka gak peduli sama urusan cewek ya? Nah, kebayang nggak omongannya kayak gimana, sampai si sahabat laki-laki ini merasa perlu menyampaikan ke aku? x))

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