Positive Birth Movement – Bandung

Well, have you heard abouth this before?

Positive birth movement (PBM) is a global network of free to attend antenatal groups, linked up by social media. They connect pregnant women together to share stories, expertise, and positivity about childbirth. They aim to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth, and help change birth for the better. (www.positivebirthmovement.org)

If you are pregnant or still trying to conceive, you really have to (at least try) join this group. In PBM, they are not judging. They facilitate to spread the knowledge.

And PBM comes to Bandung, Indonesia, at Simpul Library “PUSTAKALANA“, broad to you by Dini, Β a mother, one of Pustakalana volunteer, who tend to believe about positive parenting. To help Indonesian mothers-to-be rise their positive thoughts.

So, Circle Talk #2 : Place of Birth, was the first PBM for me. When I was pregnant in 2011, I don’t know anything about PBM :))

Anyway, the talks went well. I shared my story, gave a birth at hospital BUT did not received any medical intervention. Why I chose hospital? Because I have a rare heart condition. Though from the very first visit to my ob/gyn, he assured me that I could gave a normal delivery without no fear πŸ™‚

After me, there were Mia who shared about gave birth at home and Ami who took Galenia -a gentle birth clinic. Both Ami and Mia gor helped from Doula and Midwife during their delivery.

Yup, we were lucky enough we’ve got a holistic perspective from giving birth experiences in hospital with Ob/Gyn, birth at home with midwives, water birth and lotus birth at clinic.

Remember, all decisions are in your hand, wherever it is, make sure you know there are choices and consequences. Do not forget to make a birth plan and remember to trust your ob/gyn or doula or midwife, because they went to school and you don’t. But you have right to ask every single thing about all posibilities happened during delivery.

Hopefully, this discussion can open wide our mind about giving birth with no fear. Looking forward for next month discussion. Follow IG @Pustakalana for more details and further information. Stay healthy and positive, dear mothers to be!


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