My Antidepressants


You know, sometime life doesn’t go as we planned. That reality bites, and that sweet happy moments are only on Instagram. That super clean houses are only on Pinterest. Yup, that moment when you realize that reality is suck, but we have to suck it up. And to help us to sucked it, we need people who will hold our hands and say “damn! That’s sucks, but that is what we called life!” No-sugar-coated. Those people are our real friends.

I wrote once about my new friends that turned to be my silver lines, and yesterday, I found this article on Scary Mommy, about Mom Squads. It speaks me x)) Let me quote:

“Mom Squads do more than give you someone to hang out with as you ignore your kids murdering each other over Legos. Mom Squads are more than a venting ground or a way to avoid staring at the microwave clock willing it to change from 3 p.m. into 9 p.m. Mom Squads are your nonjudgmental sanity, solace, and the reassuring voice calling the pile of laundry on your coffee table “decorative art” (because hello, they have one too!).

Mom Squads are antidepressants in person form. They’re free, they’re reliable, and they make everything a lot more fun—even potty training.

Mom Squads don’t expect perfection or the appearance of trying to be perfect. If you don’t have snacks for play groups, they’ll bring some, and if your house looks like the aftermath of a Jurassic Park invasion, they’ll help you clean, and vice versa. When it’s New Year’s Eve, they’ll bring the whole family (plus booze) over at 7 p.m. for a halfway-to-Ball Drop pizza party ending in synchronized tantrums at 10 p.m.

Mom Squads give you the freedom to complain about feeling like a loser as your childless friends post Facebook photos of their fabulous Japanese vacation. Meanwhile, you took an unfabulously atrocious trip to Disney on Ice (which was an adult-beverage-free zone, and they were checking purses!). Hell, next time your Mom Squad will go too, because no one should suffer alone.

Mom Squads remind you that you’re still your own person, despite the fact that part of your DNA is currently spitting chunks of Play-Doh out of their mouth, screaming, “I’m vomiting boogers!” Mom Squads understand that sometimes you just need leggings to be considered pants, or boxed mac and cheese to be considered a healthy dinner, and because your husband is able to poop in peace, you sometimes don’t love him.

Best of all, while your childless friends are just eating dinner at 8 p.m., Mom Squads are ready to go out for a drink or, better yet, come over in their pj’s to relish being able to guzzle cheap wine, chat, and stuff your faces without being interrupted to break up fights, change a diaper, peel someone’s banana, or counsel them through the rage of being unable to cram a life-sized plush Elmo into a Little People airplane.” 

I know, right? You do feel the same. We are on the same page, that we need this squad as our antidepressant and to make us stay sane in between. Because as we know, we have husband to be with us till death do us apart, but sometime they just don’t get it. We need our squad to laugh hysterically together about things that our husband could not relate. So yes, we need to be in one squad. Find or built one for your own sake! 🙂

Have a nice Monday!



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