The Last Kiss

Okay, maybe you guys thought “Saz, it’s Monday morning! Too early for your Grey’s addiction!!” But the heck, it’s my blog! x))

The past two weeks, I’ve spent my Friday noon with Torrent. Yup, downloading Grey’s Anatomy season 12. And episode number 4, when Meredith realizes she hasn’t thought about sex since the day Derek died, just gave me a little tickle to re-watch season 11 episode 19, titled: Crazy Love. You can watch the sneak video up there. What tickled me is when Meredith said “You don’t think that that happens, but it does! It’s just, I’m closed for business. Vagina city is a ghost town. The orgasm train doesn’t roll through here any more. That part of my life is over.”

Yup! I wanna see their last kiss. And it was beautiful. It makes me think far more about my last kiss to my husband yesterday before he went to work for 3 days. Did I gave him a good kiss? Did he kiss me that beautiful? Nobody know about our age nor our spouse destiny. And it drives me crazy.

So what’s with my blog title? The last kiss? Well, to start your Monday, your week, the last week of October, have you give your best (maybe the last) kiss this morning? 🙂


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