Help To Set These Dolphins Free


Dolphins are belong to the sea. It hurts my heart too much to know they were living in prison next to their lovely home. I quote this from the petition page:

As a regular ocean user and surfer, interaction with dolphins in their natural habitat occurs semi-regularly.

The discovery of a small resort swimming pool (10x20m) adjacent to the beach at Keramas, housing four dolphins in chlorinated water for tourists to swim and play with was a huge shock.

A similar dolphin facility was closed down 2 years ago by the Minister of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, with a pledge to close any other dolphin attraction sites.

After initial protests when Wake Bali opened last July, the resort still remains open and the dolphins remain trapped in a tiny chlorinated pool.

This is a request for Wake Bali Dolphins to free the dolphins and allow them to be re-introduced into the wild, where they belong.

Manusia sebagai makhluk yang diberi akal kadang menjadi makhluk yang paling kejam terhadap sesama makhluk hidup di dunia.. =(

Ini petisinya. Silahkan ditandatangan dan sebarkan!


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