Three more days, and you’ll be home, dear! I can not wait to see you, to hug you, and to give you kisses. I just miss you.

I know I miss you, but today’s update from you make me a bit pissed. Sometime I feel life isn’t fair for a stay at home mother like me. You can have your own time when you’re away. You go to work everyday, these 21 days outside the town sure make you feel like a single man again. No little feet kicking every night when you sleep, no little hand and voice interrupt you in the middle of something, and no one knocking on your door when you feel like have a peace for a while in the bathroom. You enjoy your days, I enjoyed mine too. But when I hear you go to cinema with your friends tonight, I just feel like burst into tears and scream “Oh motherhooddddd” T___T

Some people say I should deattach a bit from Menik. Like seriously? When she turns 6, she will start to have her own world. I don’t mind to wait three more years to enjoy my me time again. This post will show to them, I’m just human. I can tell people that I want my me time just like you enjoy your movie night now, but I also want they know that me right now is have no problem with my current situation. Yes, postponing my me time is not a big deal. But as a human, sometime this kind of feeling just came over, and it is okay.

Anyway, what happened last night is like a nightmare for me. I hope that kind of thing would never come again. I am sorry. Come home soon, please.

I love you, Rino!


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