My Inner Circle

I write because I miss them so much.



Back in 2007, Magi introduced Nindya to me and Happy. Nindya has two friends, Ipeh & Syeni. And one time, they introduced Hedy to me. We usually had a casual coffee time or dinner or lunch or whatever together. We, me, Magi, Nindya, Hedy, Ipeh, Syeni, and Magi. We spend time to driving around Bandung, just to listen and sing it out loud inside Nindya’s or Hedy’s car, not to forget to stop by at Circle K Drive Thru at Plasa Dago, to entertain our mouth and tummy, too.Years goes by, I got married, Magi and Ipeh moved out to Jakarta, Syeni moved to London with her husband, Nindya and Hedy start to study again in residency hospital, Happy move on to her new job, still in town.








Later on, Nindya got married too, and she does a long distance marriage, separated with her husband who live and work in Jakarta as an Army. So every weekend, she goes to Jakarta. On the other story page, Hedy lives as a busy bee as a pediatrician residence, and I moved back to Bandung. This situation lead us to unable to arrange our time schedule to catch up each other. Group chat left empty without any silly conversation just because we’re too busy with ourselves.







Yesterday, Magi sent me a private message told me that he will be in Bandung and would like to meet up. I was sure I replied his messages, but when I reconfirmed our plan, he said sorry because he already had another plan because he didn’t get any messages from me. Well, just like our other day. Mission failed again. But suddenly, Magi sent me anothe message, told me that he cancelled his new plan, and ask me to meet up at nearest cafe. He said Nindya will join us. Hedy will catch up too if he can ran away from hospital for a moment.


unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)


And there we are. In 5 minutes, unplanned, finally MEET UP!! Believe it or not, while I prepared my self, I feel butterly were flying around my stomach. It’s like having a first date, or go to a blind date. Ah, whatever!! :)) I just miss them. Too bad, Happy, Ipeh, and Syeni can not join us. But I know, some day, we’ll be re-unite again šŸ˜€ Even Menik enjoy our night, loh! Super happy!

unnamed (2)

CASS! I heart you guys, so much.. =*


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