29 My Age!


Not a tradition, but in my last year of 20-ish, I think I want to write my 29 wishes. Yes, it’s for my 29th birthday!

1. Good health
2. Proper wealth
3. Scholarship approved
4. Menik gain more weight
5. Tabungan terisi rutin
6. Uang liburan terkumpul
7. Dana darurat beres diisi
8. Buy car
9. iPhone 5S or Samsung S3
10. Bebas KPR hahahaha, or at least half of the debt.
11. Medium short hair cut
12. Brand new bag, kate spade is great
13. new converse, new TRF flat
14. Lots of shawls
15. No more writer block
16. No more pending invoice, it freakin’ 2014!
17. More crafty
18. Got free to shop coupons at Informa and IKEA
19. Create new recipes
20. Control snacking habbit
21. Read more book
22. Learn at least 2 new language
23. Got a Lactation Concelour certificate
24. To spread news about breastfeeding
25. To be less judgemental
26. To be more wise handling people over reaction
27. To get support for my parenting style choice
28. To teach Menik a good way to love Allah SWT
29. To one more house in town.

It’s 29 my age you knooowwww!
Happy birthday to me.


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