What I Did While Breastfeeding…

After go to bed at 7.30 PM, usually Menik wake up two or three times to breastfeed. With side-lying position, I usually fell asleep together with her. But, there’re times when my eyes won’t compromised to go to sleep again. Lucky me, I have one smartphone which can help me to fill that awkward moment in the middle of the night (you know it’s awkward when you can’t go to sleep while your husband snore, your daughter breastfeed, and the room is dark already). So this is what I did while breastfeeding..






Files like these were stored on my photo library and this is why my husband always said “geeezzz.. how come you have a lot of pictures here..tsk tsk” at that time, I was like “Geez.. try my shoes first, please” >:D


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