Let me introduce to you one band with a good hooked music, this brand new one called GECKO. They’re from Bali, Indonesia. They have one hot single “PASTI CEMBURU” compiled in L.A Lights Indiefest Vol.04 album. GECKO are Putri (vocal), The Twins;  Adi (guitar) – Dwi (bass) and Hendra (drum).

They choose Pop as their genre with a lil distortion here and there. Right now, they just moving their ass to Jakarta and preparing their brand new single also all things matter for their debut album. ‘Pasti Cemburu’ seated at number 1 in several radio stations around Indonesia. This song try to understand how we feel when we see our ex-lover move on a bit faster than ourselves, so yeah, if you are now feel jealousy after your ex, you must be falling in love with this. And if you stay tuned on 102.2 Prambors Radio Jakarta, you’ll hear their brand new nationality song called ‘Indonesiaku’ for Indonesia 65th Independence day thing.

oh, one more thing, if you buy this compilation album, you could check the AR Code and have fun with it (Pasti Cemburu Video clip) on your web-cam. Go, have a great experience with it!

Find more about them : or simply follow their twitter :



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