The Banery

I recommend this band for you who love The Beatles. The band admit that The Beatles is their biggest influence, although there are a lot more local/international band or musician influenced them.

This band called British Sunshine Pop as their genre. They brought something fun to our ears with bitter lyric. The first single “KARENA DIA” made a way to be compiled in L.A Lights Indiefest Vol.03. Then they released their first album, “JANJI PASTI” with “CEMBURUISME” as their debut single, followed by “JANJI PASTI” as their newest single. The Banery always wear bow-tie as their signature style, also the custom-made Bass (just received an award from L.A Lights) and twin guitar red and white. The Banery are Rafly, Egy, Yudhi, Addam, and Oddo.

One of the best performance were when they asked Rhythm Sixyndicate to collaborate with them. Take a look at their picture below.. cool huh? They re-arrange ‘Rome’ and ‘Karena Dia’ special for the show with Rhythm Sixyndicate. I am falling in love with these musicians.. hihiii

On their first album, they have 10 tracks,

  1. Tanpa-Mu
  2. Cemburuisme
  3. Janji Pasti
  4. Waktu Yang Menjawab
  5. Rome
  6. So Sad
  7. Tak Bisa Begini Begitu
  8. What I Said
  9. Life
  10. Karena Dia – Acoustic Version

My favorite track is ‘Tanpa-Mu’. If you guys only hear it once, you will say it’s only one cliche love song. But hey.. It’s not person to person. It’s a song about you and God. If you wanna hear something cliche, go listen to ‘Tak Bisa Begini Begitu’.. yeah, it’s so cliche, everybody will say been there done that. hahaha… and if you want to hear a lil bit of melayu beat, go to ‘Cemburuisme’ track, the first single of their debut album. Krisna J. Sadrach and myOyeah music done a good job here. I will say yes, I sing a long with The Banery when they’re on stage.

Please go to : to find their schedule update. Click : for their videos and follow them on twitter :

Salam Dasi Kupu Kupu.


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