Imogen Heap [Concert]

This is why I love my job. I’m working on one radio station in Bandung and trusted to do the interview and live report for the concert held in Jakarta. Ketika yang datang konser adalah musisi kesukaan saya, maka saya anggap itu adalah bonus. Salah satu bonus yang mampir ke saya pada bulan Maret 2010 ini adalah IMOGEN HEAP yang konser 1 hari setelah pacar saya ulang tahun. 31 Maret 2010, Indonesia kedatangan musisi perempuan yang ternyata bisa ‘nyambung’ sama penonton. Setelah sebelumnya saya harus bersedih karena harus liputan 311 dan ternyata press conference Imogen Heap diundur karena ada masalah di gigi-nya, akhirnya saya harus melepaskan kesempatan bertatap muka, interview dan foto bersama :p

But when I came to Balai Kartini, Jakarta and look what’s on stage. I feel sad no more. I just knew that nite would be one of the best night. Imogen Heap made a simple decoration with one tree on the center of the stage. She brought 3 additional player and two of them played as the opening on her Ellipse World Tour Concert. They are Tim Exile and Back Ted N-Ted. They’re so attractive yet cute, especially the guitarist hahaha… But it takes too long time after both of them played and before Imogen Heap got on stage. She wrote on her twitter about pending the show because of the traffic in Jakarta, so everybody who got the ticket can watched her. But seriously.. IT WAS TOO LOOOONNGG!

Finally, the Grammy winner for Best Engineered Non-Classical Album, IMOGEN HEAP on stage. She opens the show with ‘First Train Home’, the first single from Ellipse Album. Then, here we go : The Theatrical Music Attraction. It’s fun when she talked to all audience or just mumbling for herself. She’s so connected to all of us there, bring one by one song with a lot of stories. One special thing about this tour, she always open the audition for cellist position. The lucky cellist that night was Rachman-Noor. He was featured on ‘Aha!’ and ‘Canvas’. The funny part come when she said “I’ll play one last song, I pretend this is our last song” hahaha… She asked us to help her out in ‘Just For Now’ song, and she leaves the stage after ‘The Moment I Said It’ done.

Imogen Heap Set List (Hasief got it)

It’s a great concert. I love her. Thank you Rino Mardani for introducing her to me a couple years ago. I hope Imogen Heap really come to Indonesia again this year, just like she said before. Standing Ovation for your concert that night, miss. πŸ™‚

Thank you : Asra ‘Cantsaynotohope’ for the photos, and Hasief, I grab ur set list from here hehe.. Thank you! and of course to Nabil Taufik for the compliment πŸ˜‰ though not for me, someone out there could smile for the ticket hihii… mwah!

Dan pastiiii, makassiihh banyak buat Mbak Selly and Pak Diop for the free VIP Tickets. LOVE IT!


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