Hello world!

My other blog, decided to have the not so private entries. Before this wordpress one, I usually blogging on multiply or blogspot. I will re-post my not so private posts here and continued it with my other words. So if you wanna know about my life, you could find it on my multiply or if you wanna read my not-so-polite words you could visit my blogspot.

Here are some tips to read my blog:

  1. if you wanna know me, please click ABOUT
  2. if you wanna read my CV, simply go to CURRICULUM VITAE
  3. if you feel like stalking me by reading my thought, enjoy WORDS section
  4. if you trust my cheesy taste of movie, let’s visit MOVIE REVIEW
  5. if you like to know what kind of music that I love, go to MUSIC INTRO side
  6. I like to write a short story, check it on SHORT STORY page

Yeah, I decided to make 6 pages on my blog, so you won’t confused yet feel lazy to scroll up and down to find out about my babbling words.

Enough for the greetings.. let’s rule this wordpress out! 🙂